Alana Weir

Glenda is a brilliant teacher. She has an absolute love for the subject of singing and it is made obvious every lesson. Glenda doesn't only make you understand how to make your voice an instrument but understand what you are singing about and how to perform each song so it will totally connect with our audience.

Glenda is a lot of fun... every lesson there's always a laugh and she treats you with the respect that every artist deserves. Glenda is the best music teacher out there...

Alannah Weir

Ben Giraud

There is no one on earth who can truly teach you how to sing with YOUR body except YOU. My advice for learning TECHNIQUE is to try many teachers. Practice what they teach (you must practice!) and if after practice, this advice helps you make sense of your instrument then continue. If not, move on.

But... the other side to singing is almost more important. What do you DO with your language once you know it? Glenda helped ME champion the audience I sing to and trust the heart I
give to them.

Ben Giraud

Kate Ceberano

I believe that singing and stagecraft are highly misunderstood, and the art of teaching these essential tools is critical. You need a sensitive, wise communicator, motherly and experienced, because singing is one of the most emotional arts requiring technique yes, but personal blood sweat and tears. It can provoke powerful emotions and you can lose confidence easily in the presence of bad coaching.

I trust Glenda implicitly in being all the above. In fact I've never met a calmer dearer person. I think would be a privilege to be trained by her... also good bloody fun!

Kate Ceberano

Alison Ainsworth

Glenda and I have had a fantastic relationship over the years I've been receiving singing lessons from her. She became not only my mentor, but someone who I look up to, aspire to perform like and one of my closest friends. Our lessons were tailored not just on singing but on how to perform and how to communicate (something that I'd never given thought to until then).

Whenever I set foot on the stage, or enter the studio I'm confident in the skills that I have learned, they have become so embedded into my performance that everything now comes naturally.

Alison Ainsworth

Glenda is consummate musician and educator and I feel privileged to call her my friend and mentor. As a young singer, she nurtured and encouraged my passion for jazz and taught me the art of interpreting the lyric in order to create a sincere and authentic performance. Glenda is a delight to work with and allows any singer, regardless of age or ability, to learn and develop the skills and techniques required to produce a healthy and natural vocal tone.

What a star!

Anna Gilkison

Mark Caligiuri (Elvis Tribute Artist)

Glenda is probably the best teacher out there. She's fun and knows her stuff. She's one of the nicest people I've met and she's helped me so much.

Glenda teaches her own brand of methods and vocal techniques that are not available anywhere else. If you're serious about singing and really want to learn... then talk to Glenda Walsh.

Nadia Carffa

Glenda is an amazing listener as well as being a teacher.

She has a very hands-on approach and sets lessons to each student's individual needs. She has students of all styles and makes singing an absolute blast and a challenge at the same time - I think that's why I enjoyed it so much!

Aimee Francis

Mark Caligiuri (Elvis Tribute Artist)

Just learning to sing is not enough, you need all the other ingredients to be successful in the world of entertainment. Communication is the key ingredient to success in the arts and Glenda coaches this point beautifully. It's her specialty. Thank you Glenda very much for all your help and guidance.

Mark Caligiuri
Elvis Tribute Artist

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Mark Caligiuri (Elvis Tribute Artist)

"You introduced me to my infinite possibilities"

I came to Glenda with a burning desire to sing,she nurtured my talent and soul and with her amazing gift of spirit and belief she brought out the fire that burns with so much passion and strength that is known as Carmen Hendricks. I owe all my success to Glenda: the greatest vocal coach

Carmen Hendricks

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